Update: HSAD training activities

During the last quarter of 2013, HSAD ran a number of training courses, covering activities in extension, seed, policy, tissue culture, and integrated pest management (IPM). During October to December, 12 courses ran for a combined period of 60 days, involving almost 350 participants.

The extension training courses covered a total of 43 days, and benefited 197 participants. The extension training courses also had one of the widest ranges of participants, attended by delegates from the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources (MoAWR), other institutions, the private sector, and farmers.

The six days of policy training had the second highest attendance, with 79 participants, mostly individuals from the MoA and MoAWR. Proportionally, the policy courses were attended by the highest number of female participants – 34 out of a total of 79.

IPM and tissue culture courses were attended by 18 participants – attendees included farmers and individuals from the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). The seed training, which ran for a total of eight days, was the only training course to be attended by mostly MoAWR individuals, with an average attendance of just under 30 people.

As the HSAD program moves forward, training will be geared towards a majority of participants from the MoA and MoAWR. This will help to increase the capacity of the government ministries to continue the work HSAD has been doing over the past year.