• A HSAD extension consultant has just finished a review of the extension work ongoing in Iraq. Currently, the main delivery method is through designated centers and farms, which is believed to provide the best way forward in terms of increasing extension capacity.

  • One of the main aims of the HSAD initiative is to improve the way in which new techniques and technologies are delivered to farmers. Effective and widespread adoption is crucial if Iraq is to achieve national food security and meet the food and nutritional demands of its growing population.

  • Extension services – the way that new techniques and technologies are promoted and distributed to farmers – are often held back in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region (IKR) by budget cuts, limited funds, and poor facilities.

  • Improving the delivery of new techniques and technologies to smallholder farmers is a key aim of the HSAD program. A recent activity focusing on this component of the program was a five-day training course held at the Erbil Extension and Training Center.

  • HSAD has set up a number of new initiatives to improve crop and livestock production in Iraq in recent months. 
  • HSAD recently held its first extension workshop in Erbil. Around 80 participants, including representatives from a variety of extension centers, attended the three day event to exchange their experiences.