Capacity Building

Enhancing monitoring and evaluation skills

Effective monitoring and evaluation will help HSAD partners to measure progress against stated aims and goals. A four-day workshop, held in Erbil, focused on training the leaders of component activities in HSAD’s new work plan – equipping them with the skills and knowledge to measure and evaluate the performance of their farm activities using the USAID performance monitoring and evaluation (PME) system.

Boosting wheat production for greater self-sufficiency

A recent training course aimed at improving wheat breeding in Iraq, and Kurdistan in particular, brought together participants from Basrah, the Ministry of Agriculture, Baghdad, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources (MOAWR) in Erbil, Sulimanya, Duhok, and Garmyan. The five-day course, held in Erbil from 1 to 5 September 2013, introduced participants to the fundamentals of wheat breeding.

Cleaning seed for improved productivity

At a recent three-day workshop, held at the Qushtapa seed cleaning factory in Erbil, Ministry of Agriculture officials learned how to operate mobile seed cleaning machines. The staff who participated in the workshop will now train other trainers. This training-of-trainers (ToT) will speed the spread of small-scale seed cleaning technology to farmers and private sector operators.

Workshop identifies key issues to boost agricultural growth in Iraq

Held in Amman (Jordan), HSAD recently hosted “Policy Options and Policy Modelling Workshop for Agricultural Growth and Food Security in Iraq,” which brought together researchers, policymakers, and representatives from non-governmental and public organizations across the country. The aim of the workshop was to identify ways of improving key agricultural growth and food security policies and methodologies in Iraq. Policy reform is one of HSAD’s top project priorities and is a core activity of its 2013–2014 program.