Improving water security for remote villages

A lack of water is the primary constraint to agricultural growth and food security for a large number of Iraq’s rural communities. So a readily-available and predictable water supply will bring a real boost to crop yields – to improve livelihoods and nutrition across many areas

HSAD is carrying out an assessment on the feasibility of building reservoirs and dams to harvest water and bring stability, increased prosperity and protection from climate change to targeted communities.


Water harvesting: sustaining production in the dry months

A recent meeting was held between members of the Ministry of Agriculture, HSAD, University of Salahddinah, and Iraqi-Kurdistan region officials, to agree the management and implementation of a new water harvesting project.  Two areas close to Erbil were selected as sites for small water harvesting reservoirs. The reservoirs will store water that nearby farmers can use as supplemental irrigation for their crops. The sites will act as models for other areas. They will also facilitate research into the management of reservoir water.